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MR technology guarantees "Remote " inspection


The NCP is raging around the world, but MSNAC's normal technical exchanges and service work did not pause. In order not to delay the customer's production, MESNAC's engineers were eager for the customer's urgency and proactively realized mixed reality through MR technology helps customers to inspect and accept equipment remotely. The customer's technical staff does not need to be on-site and can realize remote inspection through a computer. This remote equipment acceptance is the first trying of MESNAC, and it is also the best choice in the special period.


At the beginning of April, D customer in Africa factory remotely inspected and accepted the large equipment, MESNAC's automatic small chemicals weighing system through MR mixed reality technology.




In the specific operation process, the MESNAC's engineer wears MR glasses by one person, and customers on the other side in Africa can see the real-time panorama of the small chemicals equipment in their factory on the computer through the network connection, and fully understand the overall situation of the equipment and related details. The engineer in charge of this inspection introduced: through video dialogue, the customer communicates with the engineer in real time, understands the overall condition of the equipment and displays the performance, etc. The customer asks questions about the details and key points of the equipment through the voice and editing screen, MESNAC's team of engineers gave a demonstration and gave professional answers. The real-time transmission of MR's high-definition, all-directional video images enables customer technicians seem to be on the scene and achieve the effect of on-site inspection.


At the end of March, in the MESNAC Jiaozhou Park, the European factory of P customer also used the MR technology to remotely accept the RFID ply cutting equipment. Before the formal acceptance, the project engineer also recorded videos and took photos to the details and key parts of the equipment, and tested them in advance. After 13 hours of video conferences in two days, the entire acceptance process was completed, and got highly valued by the customer.



MESNAC developed the MR technology platform with independent intellectual property rights, and strives to build a three-dimensional intelligent interactive platform. This platform not only embeds voice simultaneous interpretation and semantic transformation functions on the basis of existing technology, but also enables the expansion of more scenarios, for example, it can realize remote technical communication, remote installation guidance, realistic training and equipment operation & maintenance management, etc.



In fact, remote maintenance and service have long been the daily service mode of MESNAC, but it is the first time to realize remote inspection through MR technology. The customer highly praised and recognized the acceptance this time. In the future, MR technology will be widely used in various MESNAC smart equipment, and can even be integrated with various equipment to provide customers with convenient and more efficient technical guidance, service and experience.


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