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Chairman He Ning: Advance MESNAC to a new stage



On June 25th, MESNAC held the 15th conference of Six Board of Directors. Mr. He Ning was elected as Chairman of Sixth Board of Directors, Chairman of Strategy Committee and Member of Nomination Committee. Mr. Rudolf Albert Scharping and Mr. Fan Qingwu were elected as candidates of Non-independent Directors.


Chairman He Ning said MESNAC, as an excellent company, held many core advantages in technology, product, team, marketing and business operation. Under the leadership of Mr. Yuan Zhongxue and with all efforts made by MESNACers, MESNAC has reached the top level in the global rubber machinery and laid a solid foundation for the future development and expansion to wider fields.


Chairman He stressed that rubber machinery, as the core business MESNAC, is the base for future development. The new Board of Directors will develop step by step with the existing team based on the established strategy. At the same time, he pointed that as a mature industry with several subdivisions, the rubber industry face little possibility to develop by leaps and bounds in the come years. While MESNAC, with its energy accumulated and advantages, has the capability to expand to new industries to explore developing space.


For future development, Chairman He raises the following points.


Firstly, ensure the full development of the main businesses in rubber machinery field. With the brand advantage in the market, MESNAC should continuously improve the product quality and technical level, develop the target clients by systematic operation to improve the orders, improve the efficiency of whole procedures like production, installation, maintenance, to guarantee the development of main businesses. Meanwhile, the resources at home and abroad should be integrated to complete the advantages in smart manufacturing in rubber machinery field, so as to make the advantages more solid.


Secondly, bring the new drive for the core businesses to develop. MESNAC should make full use of the existing resources in product, R & D, technology, team, market, and so on to search for the related opportunities, so as to bring the new drive for the development of core businesses. 


Thirdly, explore new businesses in the fields of new energy, new materials, energy conservation and environment protection. Those industries have the huge market potential and develop rapidly. MESNAC needs to explore the new fields on the bases of the existing resources to develop sustainably and rapidly.


To guarantee the implementation of above strategies, Strategic Development Department is established. It will introduce screening criteria to satisfy the developing demand of MESNAC. Through the systematic and professional procedure management system, Strategic Development Department will explore, seize, distinguish, analyze and start new projects and opportunities to bring new growth and energy for MESNAC. Also, Strategic Development Department will combine its own advantages with international resources to let MESNAC remain in an invincible position in the global market. 


Chairman He said honestly that it is challenging for him to explore in the manufacturing industry. As for reasons why he accepted the challenge, he said that one is he once made analysis for many enterprises and accumulated rich experience from the investment experiences at home and abroad, so he knows how to set the goals and strategies based on the combination of enterprise characteristics and market demand. Another is that he get lots of lessons on enterprise operation and management from his startup experience, which helped him to form the pragmatic and down-to-earth management style.


Chairman He expressed that, MESNAC has made a prominent career by now, and the blueprint for future development will excite all MESNACers. Under the new market environment, he will work together with the executives to explore the future of MESNAC.

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