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MESNAC Honored with the Global Manufacturing Safety Excellence Award



On February 22, MESNAC was honored with the Global Manufacturing Safety Excellence Award and becomes the 1st Asian enterprise to win the honor since the award was created.


“We are humbled and honored with this recognition and award, especially when we are aware that many world-class global companies, such as GM, Goodyear, P&G, Kimberly Clark and Corning, have been awarded in previous years.” said Mr. Yu Mingjin, Vice President of MESNAC. “In MESNAC, safety is a priority value to be considered in the entire lifecycle of our products which ranges from design, manufacture, site installation, commissioning to site management and application. Our target is to be an outstanding supplier that provides reliable support to the global tire manufacturers through integrated tire manufacturing solutions. We believe our continuous efforts in safety, throughout our manufacturing operations, nurture a safe atmosphere for our employees which in turn generates the right environment to help us better serve our global customers. We believe this strategy has created an important differentiation with our competitors.” Mr. Yu claimed.


At the awarding ceremony MESNAC was commended for its efforts by Rockwell Corporation who have been the sponsors of the award since 2013. “MESNAC has recognized that safety is their main key business indicator and key part of business strategies to make safety plant environment to protect people with management team’s full engagement. Based on their wide range of safety strategy and procedures, they have been improving “Lost-time injury rate” way under than industry average. Also, at a early stage, they’ve adopted enhanced integrated safety features in their machines to improve productivity in their customer’s plants, and to consistently meet global standards regardless of customer’s location. Their machines have been accepted by world class tire manufacturers, because their equipment already fully met their safety requirements. As a member of the China Machine Safety Community, MESNAC’s has been leading safety standards in the Tire Equipment Industry in China and contributing to their development. ”


The Manufacturing Safety Excellence Award is designed to recognize and award enterprises that set up comprehensive safety programs based on three pillars “A strong safety Culture”, “A formalized Compliance strategy” and “Capital investment in technologies that help improve worker safety and plant productivity”.


The award is initiated by Rockwell Automation, and experts from ISO/IEC and other international organizations for standardization are invited as judges to conduct site evaluations.


The past winners of the award includes GM, Pepsi , P&G , Bevcorp , Corning , Goodyear , The CloroxCo, and, Kimberly Clark.


MESNAC Co Ltd is one of the leading rubber machinery suppliers featured with integrated solutions to support the entire tire manufacturing process. It is a publicly listed company with widespread customer global footprint; based in Qingdao, China with Research and Technical Centers in Slovakia, Akron Ohio and Qingdao.

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