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MESNAC Works Together with Rockwell Automation to Promote Smart Tire Manufacture



On February 22, MESNAC signed the strategic agreement with Rockwell Automation in Beijing. Mr. Yu Mingjin, Vice President of MESNAC, and Mr. Bob Buttermore, Managing Director of Rockwell Automation Greater China, signed the agreement on behalf of each party.


According to Mr. Yu, Rockwell Automation is a professional supplier in the globe in the field of automation and industrial safety. The two parties will conduct in-depth cooperation in these fields through joint research, with the aim to provide top quality products and services to the tire manufacturers and promote the smart manufacture process in the global rubber industry. Mr. Yu emphasized that, with application of MESNAC tire industry smart manufacture solution in Hefei WANLI plant, MESNAC will continue to improve its application technologies in the future, which requires MESNAC to continue joint research with tire manufacturers and leading suppliers in the globe, with the aim to improving the smart level of its products and solutions.


“MESNAC and Rockwell Automation enjoy decades of years cooperation both in China and worldwide,” Mr. Buttermore said. “We expect to see a close cooperation in exploring the innovative technologies in smart equipment and information technology. We will continue to support MESNAC to become a world-leading integrated solution provider for the rubber and tire industry.” In the forthcoming cooperation, Rockwell Automation will continue to improve the performance of machines, and support MESNAC in improving efficiency and reducing cost through high-efficiency engineering development.


The strategic cooperation between MESNAC and Rockwell Automation will further strengthen the advantages of two parties in rubber tire industry and in automation industry. The two parties will work together to provide products and services with even better quality, and promote the smart progress of the entire rubber and tire industry.

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