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Promote Smart Manufacture in the Tire Industry —MESNAC at 2015 World Internet+ Industry Conference



From October 15th to 16th, 2015 World Internet+ Industry Conference was grandly held in Qingdao, China. Over 300 attendees coming from China, U.S., Germany, Japan and ten other countries were present at the Conference. Leading experts on Industrial 4.0. and senior managers from world renowned companies, such as SIEMENS, ABB, GE, Rockwell Automation, got together in Qingdao for an in-depth discussion and exchange on theme of “Industrial Revolution at Internet+ Age”.


Mr. Zheng Jiangjia, President of MESNAC Co., Ltd., attended the Conference and presented a keynote speech of Smart Manufacture in the Tire Industry. He shared with conference participants MESNAC’s understandings of smart manufacture as well as MESNAC’s current efforts in smart factory and smart equipment. MESNAC is working on diligently to improve the international competitiveness of China tire manufacture industry through the support of smart manufacture.


“We understand smart factory applicable in the rubber and tire industry from multiple perspectives. First, from the perspective of longitudinal integration, at different historical periods, different factories are equipped with different levels of informatization equipment. How realize an integration of such is the key to realize flexible manufacture, which is also in line with the basic principle of Industrial 4.0. Second, from the perspective of lateral integration, MESNAC has worked a lot in such field in recent years. Many discussions and investments have been done in terms of digital equipment manufacture, smart tire manufacture and smart application in the final service section.” Mr. Zheng Jiangjia, President of MESNAC Co., Ltd. said.


Currently, in the tire manufacture process, from raw material introduction to final product output, MESNAC has helped some customers realize digitalization in 80% of its equipment, and 100% production relies on automated logistics. Digital equipment and automated logistics have become the key elements in the establishment of smart factory. Data is another important section. Supported with big data and cloud computing, an integration of the data in different production procedures for an effective application would greatly improve the production efficiency and product quality. Currently, MESNAC has established an integrated plan on data flow. By virtue of big data collection, analysis and application technology, it is expected realize an interaction and connection from research to order, to equipment, to product and to after sales.


“Related to smart equipment, for instance, we have developed self-correction system to tackle with raw material deviation issue. For the respective digital equipment, we are expected to improve equipment efficiency and prevent breakdown through data collection, analysis and application.” Mr. Zheng Jiangjiang added, “We hope to bring more benefits to the industry through such aspects as reduce design cycle, lower delivery time, bring down failure rate in the real production, reduce operation cost and improve service. MESNAC hopes to continue to break through the technical barriers in tire production and improve the competitiveness of Chinese tire industry.


Since the establishment in 2000, MESNAC has been committed to R&D and manufacture of digital equipment and information system in the rubber and tire industry, and actively participated in the formulation of international industrial standards applicable in certain procedures and technologies in tire manufacture. In front of the current trend of smart manufacture and with the support of National Engineering Research Center for Rubber and Tire as well as National Engineering Laboratory for Advanced Tire Machinery and Key Materials, MESNAC has strengthened the research in digital equipment, green raw material, tire manufacture MES system and industrial robots, and is committed to promote smart manufacture in the tire industry!

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