Sustainable Future for Industry


1. Low-temperature mixing method: the traditional multi-stage mixing replaced by one-stage mixing which saves time, efforts, space, and also is able to produce according to customer demands and proceed according to made to order design and production.


● Implements mixing continuous production, one-stage mixing , high level automatization, production efficiency.
● Facilitates working process, stabilizes rubber quality, reduces labor costs, improves production efficiency.
● Reduces pollution, optimizes production environment, implements green production.
● Carbon black and components uniform dispersion, improved rubber material strength and wear resistance.


2. Electron irradiated rubber sheet production line: organic interoperability of irradiation processing technology and production technology.

Product Features:

● Electron irradiation techniques using pre-curing at room temperature, atmospheric pressure, extent of precise control of curing, curing speed and continuous production.
● Decreases the use of natural rubber, reduces the thickness of matrix, reduces raw material costs.
● Improves tire quality and safety.
● Excellent tire balancing and uniformity performance features, tire life high expectancy.


3. Tire automated logistics : tire manufacturer's one-stop type logistics system solutions for different processes: automatic transfer, automated inventory management, information management, etc.

Product Features:

● Automated logistics can implement the working process separate automatic transfers and reduce labor costs.
● Three-dimensional warehouse efficient space utilization and fully automated access actualization that contributes in saving land resources.
● Complete information management: location, materials, storage and other logistical tasks management.
● Providing support to production elaboration by means of interface design flexibility of control system , ERP factory, barcode equipment, seamless joints, etc.


4. Tire Retreading Equipment: Provides solutions for tire complete usage by means of tire retreading.

Product Features:

● Enables recycling of waste tires, reduces waste tires’ damage to the environment.
Reduces production of new tires, reduces the use of natural rubber.


5. Tire lifecycle management: tire life cycle information management system is being implemented by means of world's leading information technology methods. Each process in tire production is leaded by the enterprise's decision-making, management and executive personnel that enables obtaining integrity and accurate information support in time.

Product Features:

● Continuous improvement of production, operation, management, decision-making and service efficiency.
Improves tire manufacturers efficiency, decreases cost losses.
Improves the core objectives of the tire enterprise: economic efficiency and strong competitiveness.

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