R & D concept

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R & D platform

MESNAC was authorized to undertake foundation of the National Tire Technology and Engineering Technology Research Center,National Engineering Laboratory with advanced equipment and materials for tires, Shandong Software Engineering Technology Center, Shandong RFID Engineering Technology Center. MESNAC established Asia’s top ranking feeding and precise batching chemical laboratories.



MESNAC Material Conveying and Weighing Testing Center is a professional powder technology R&D center, mainly engaged in the powder material testing, basic theoretical research, advanced engineering test and academic exchanges and training. The center is committed to building the most high-end research and testing platform, and now there are a number of research result applications and engineering practices, an open academic exchange environment as well as deep-level exchanges and cooperation with internationally well-known research institutions, to ensure the international leadership of the center.   find more...


Enterprise Universities Cooperation:

The company was originated from Qingdao University and after long-term cooperation developed its unique enterprise with university-based research integrated cooperative mode. In order to achieve favorable for both sides results, MESNAC decided to cooperate closely with Beijing University, Zhejiang University, Tianjin University, National Defense Science and Technology University, Beijing Aviation and Space University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Ocean University of China, Qingdao University, etc. 



R & D Team:

Under the guidance of human recourses training strategy “to engage and not just to possess”, many outstanding specialists have been attracted into the company‘s innovation system. At present, company’s research and development department has over 900 workers . Among them more than 430 employees with Bachelor’s degree, and more than 150 employees with Master’s degree and higher.<br>

At the same time, the company hired some experts specializing in information, control, machinery, rubber and other fields, formed an expert organization with nearly 100 domestic and international specialists in order to provide intellectual support to the development and the innovation system of the company.

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