MR Application System

Mr application system is based on mixed reality equipment, which integrates the places of physical world and digital world for information exchange.

Adopt the platform concept, decompose the work content step by step, locate the model on site, and formulate the operation guide.

Complete remote communication guidance,equipment inspection,equipment inspection, expert assistance, remote labeling and otheroperations.


● Virtual 3D model guidance is presented on site.

● Localized device operation wizard, no network restrictions.

● lmproving productivity - learning while doing

● Remote Assistance for Drawing Labels, Desktop Sharing.

Appcation cases

Semi-steel Shaping Machine PS2A——Specification Change Wizard

PS2A molding machine, when producing different specifications of tire, requires equipment to adjust specification parameters and replace side drum device. This requires professional and technical personnel to make adjustments and device replacements by consulting relevant data for proper use.

For the specification change of PS2A moulding machine, the MR guide made by us does not need professional technicians. Guided by the application of MR guide, 3D model display, work area guide, text information description, etc., can correctly replace the equipment specification.

Small Material Weighing and Batching System-Remote Equipment Checking

The small material weighing and dosing system is a small material dosing equipment developed by soft control. According to the production formula, all kinds of small materials required are automatically mixed and collected according to the set weight and precision.

Because of the epidemic, many foreign customers are unable to come to the company for equipment inspection. We implement remote inspection through MR platform. Customers only need to use the computer at home to communicate remotely. They can see the first view picture of field personnel. They can also draw virtual annotation and share local data to complete remote equipment inspection.

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