Agriculture Two-stage Tire Building Machine

The product is jointly developed by MESNAC and US partner. It is designed for the manufacture of high-quality agricultural radial tire, featured with high automation and easy operation. It can also realize tailored design based on customer demand.


● Wide applicable size range: 16"-30",24"-42", 26"-46",32"-54"

● High stitching quality, with profile back stitchers for chafer and bead stitching. Good hydraulic air venting effect, solid pressing and good appearance quality.

● Automatic belt length measurement, vacuum absorption at belt transfer rings, precise location of belt and sidewall components.

● Light laser automatically indicates the position where to apply the components, ensure application precision and improve efficiency.

● Flexible technology, meet customers' different technology requirements, either supply tread from servicer or windup from extruder.

● Computer network control system to realize recipe management, status display, monitoring, and fault diagnosis.

● Flexible operation, easy maintenance, three operation modes options -- manual, auto and pause, direct switch-over between three modes.

● Safe operation, with multi safety devices.

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