Pin Type Cold Feed Extruder

MESNAC have dedicated Pin-type Extruder technology industry more than 10 years, and research and development with partners, now have launched various extruder models which can meet the rubber products production. The screw diameter of extruder is from 45mm to 250mm and extruder can matching different extrusion head, realizing the production of customized products.


● High output, Good mastication for rubber.

● Diameter of screw is from 45~250mm.

● Self-cleaning.

● Good control dimensional accuracy of strip.

● Universal for various rubber compounds.

Roller Head ExtruderExtruder and Gearpump Combination

● Rubber uniform fill in head;

● Stable hydraulic locking head, without leakage;

● Specifically pin structure, reduce temperature of rubber;

● High reliability, Reasonable price, Easy maintenance.

● ldeal input-output characteristic curve.

● Keep lower pressure between Screw and Gear pump, improve Screw service Life.

● lncrease output at a high pressure model;

● PID control: According to downstream equipment adiust Extruderand Gearpump speed automatically;

● High precision profile of product.

Single Roll Roller Die ExtruderOTR extrusion and lamination system

● High strip precision;

● Fast and easy cleaning rubber;

● Fast and easy changing different die;

● Lower strip temperature due to low pressure;

● Lower investment costs.

● Strip from extruder keep stable dimension and high precision;

● Independent developed arithmetic, realize laminating automatically;

● Profile of lamination input as same as output;

● Stable press roller apparatus can solve large angle issue when laminating the side profile;

Semi-steel Tire Extrusion and Lamination SystemMultiplex Extruders


● lnnovate tread manufacture process, replace large Tire Tread Extrusion Line;

● lmpove dynamic balancing and uniformity of tire;

● Specifically extruder equipped with Gear Pump, increase output;

● Specifically screw design: without feed roller structure which will be in acontinuous feed rubber without bite off;

● Specifically extrusion head for system;

● PID control: According to downstream equipment adjust extruser speedautomatically;

● Multiple locking type:three sides locking, Frame type locking;

● Intelligent TCU, high temperature control accuracy, remote temperature adjustment, automatic exhaust system;

● Automatic lubrication system;

● Automatic hydraulic system, safe and reliable;

● Modular installation.

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