MESNAC three-drum tire building machine sets two world records


The MESNAC TBR tire building machine has good news coming in succession at the customer site recently. In half a year, TPRO-S once again broke the world record for the shift production of TBR three-drum OTR tire building machine --- achieving 212psc; Project G also achieved the daily production world record of TBR three-drum TBM---- that is 551pcs.


Keep improving: TPRO-S exceeds "212pcs"


TPRO-S is a new TBR three-drum OTR tire building machine released by MESNAC in 2018. The product design goal is to achieve a single-tire cycle time of less than 150 seconds and a shift capacity of 150 tires for the three-drum TBM, which is improved 40% than traditional models, and the TBM efficiency has reached the world's leading level. At present, this model has successfully completed its efficiency indicators on multiple customer sites.


At the end of 2019, TPRO-S has set a shift record of 201pcs production of three-drum OTR tire building machine at the S customer site. At the beginning of this year, based on the communication with customers, all-steel designers upgraded all technical aspects of the equipment, continuously optimizing the product structure, and combined with ergonomics to maximize the efficiency and safety of customers' production operations. The average shift production of S customers in May has achieved 172 pcs per shift, and the morning shift produced as high as 212 pcs on July 18, setting a new world record for the production efficiency of the all-steel three-drum OTR tire building machine!


Accumulate and develop: ZCX3A challenges "551pcs"


At the same time, there is also good news came from the G customer site---the daily output of TBR three-drum TBM exceeded 551pcs. The MESNAC ZCX3A full-automatic three-drum TBM is positioned for world-class high-end customers. It is also one of MESNAC's highest specifications and the most complex structure. Based on the cooperation with customers, the first equipment in the Brazilian factory achieved a world record of 551 pieces per day, with the equipment failure rate was controlled within 1%. This equipment has an average daily production capacity of 520 pieces. The second device has been officially put into production at the end of 2019. Without the best condition, the single-tire cycle time of the device has been maintained within 120 seconds, and the shift production has exceeded 194 pcs.


Since first cooperated with G customer, ZCX3A TBR three-drum TBM has conducted comprehensive and in-depth exchanges and cooperation in technology and project management. The two parties' striving for perfection have laid a solid foundation for the development of MESNAC TBR products, accumulated valuable experience and wealth, and will surely lead the MESNAC TBR tire building machine into the ranks of international high-end products.


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