MESNAC Ranks 2nd in the Global Rubber Machinery Sales Revenue for Three Consecutive Years


In March 2014, European Rubber Journal published the “2013 Global Rubber Machinery Manufacturer Ranking List”. MESNAC Co., Ltd is listed as the second largest rubber machinery manufacturer in the sales revenue for three consecutive years. The data indicates MESNAC sales revenue in 2013 is 405 million USD. Though there is a gap between the No.1 position in the world, an annual increase of 30.8% demonstrates the rapid growth speed of MESNAC. MESNAC proclaims its fast development in more than sales revenue.

 In 2013, MESNAC puts forward over ten types of new products and systems, including T-PRO TBR TBM, TT4 four-drum OTR TBM, Parallel dual-extrusion inner liner line, Z500 steel cord cutting line, giant tire curing press, rubber grinding and blending system and dynamic balance/ uniformity testing line. The recycling time of single tire in T-PRO reaches 160s, which breaks the industrial record. Z500 steel cord cutting line overcomes the difficulty of narrow width of feeder fabric and poor stability, with the core technology of cutting wide belts. Parallel dual-extrusion inner liner line has reached globally leading level in product quality, production efficiency and automation level. The successful R&D of rubber grinding and blending system, rubber grinding machine and even blending jar in particular, has filled the gap in the Chinese market. The promotion of these new products aims to fulfill the need of globally high-end customers.

In 2013, the overseas sales revenue in MESNAC increases a lot, with a prominent breakthrough in winning internationally high-end customers. MESNAC TBM has entered European market and successfully supplied Goodyear, JK, Hankook, Toyo Tire and other high-end customers. Through a consistent cooperation with top-level customers such as Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, Toyo Tire, MESNAC dosing products achieve great breakthrough in technology and innovation. Semi-product extrusion calendar lines are exported to the overseas high-end market and win their recognition. All of these provide a solid customer foundation in building MESNAC into an internationally top-level brand.

On November 1st 2013, MESNAC established MENSAC American Research and Technical Center (MARTC) in Akron, Ohio, US. It represents an important step in MESNAC’s global R&D distribution. MARTC will be specialized in the R&D and innovation of new products and new technologies, with a view to leading customer demand. It aims to provide timely technical support and service to American customers and further perfect MESNAC global R&D system.

At the same time, MESNAC makes concrete progress in quality system construction and talent introduction and training. It is expected that MESNAC will make bigger contribution to the industry through continuous self-improvement in the coming year.

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