Electron Irradiation Pre-curing Tire Sheet Production Line Wins Second Prize of Science & Technology Progress Award


On 8th Oct. China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association publishes winning projects of Science & Technology Progress Awards in 2011, the “Electron Irradiation Pre-curing Tire Sheet Production Line” of MESNAC wins second prize.

By using high-energy electron to bombard tire sheet (rubber molecules) and altering its physical cross-linking, this system changed traditional craft of tire processing. It enhances product final performance and improves tire quality and safety. The tires treated by irradiation have excellent features. Oil consumption and exhaust emission are greatly reduced, the performances of dynamic balance and uniformity are enhanced, as well as driving and service lives are prolonged.

This system has applied for 6 patents and passed scientific appraisement of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association. The whole set of technologies reach to international advanced level and has been used at JINYU, SAILUN, YONGSHENG and other tire enterprises. According to customers’ feedback, the production line satisfies their requirements to develop high performance tire and it’s also benefits for China tire industry developing healthily.

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